Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy Rae Dunn?

The least expensive way: Hunt for it yourself at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods.

The most convenient way: Amazon listings organize all sellers of an item under 1 listing and automatically feature the best price for you.

The best way to find a deal: Mercari, Ebay, Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace are great ways to find a deal if you are the kind of buyer who likes to haggle for a great deal.

The social way: Join Facebook Groups, make Dunn buddies in line at the store or online to trade with.


Why don't you link to other websites?

We link exclusively to Amazon listings because Amazon is unique in the way they bundle sellers of the same item under 1 single listing. This makes an easier and more convenient way to find specific items because once the item sells from one seller the next seller in line is linked on the sales page which prevents dead link for you. If we linked to a different website option like Mercari or Ebay dead links would be frequent because of their lack of product listing grouping.


I want to see more of (Insert Dunn Item Here) how can I help?

We're slowly expanding categories and adding products as they come out, but if you'd like to help us keep the ball rolling here are some easy ways to help.

Follow: We have an Instagram Account and a Facebook Page you can follow for updates.

Click: Almost every item features a referral link you can use to purchase that we earn a super small commission on at no cost to you. We also have referral links for the following apps!

Mercari: Shopping & Selling - $10 off your first order + $20 free when you make your first $100 in selling on Mercari. 

Raise: Discount Gift Cards - Buy discount gift cards with no fees. Most get sent to your phone automatically. Save money and use it buy more Dunn!

Fetch Rewards: Scanning Your Receipts - Get 2,000 ($2) free points when you scan 1 shopping receipt and earn points for every receipt you scan that can be used to get gift cards from stores including TJ Maxx Brands, Amazon, Ebay and more. 

Rakuten: Shopping Online - Discounts and money back just for clicking their link to many popular store before shopping online, including TJ Maxx, and Ebay. You get $30 after making one purchase for using our link

Miles: Points For Driving Anywhere - Driving around Dunn hunting? Earn points for your driving miles or walking around the store. Save up and wait for those Amazon gift card deals!