What is the Dunn Directory?

Built by a newly obsessed Dunn Collector who just wanted to know if a mug had ever come out with the name Danielle on it (spoiler alert...it has not) and then pushed into reality by having way too much time on her hands during 2020 Quarantine we present to you, the Dunn Directory a constantly growing release list resource for Rae Dunn fans.

Our release lists are categorized by item type, color, saying, and are also searchable! So there are multiple ways for you to explore the new and old releases that have come out over the past 5+ years under this beautiful brand we love and enjoy.

The Dunn Directory is a fan made site to be used for news and educational purposes only so we are not endorsed by Rae Dunn or Magenta. Those brands are their own and we only exist to support those interested in buying more of this beautiful style and growing their collections with the knowledge this website provides.

Warning! We do not have every item that has ever been released. That is of course our long goal, but it may be impossible at the rate things come out sometimes. Just know we are always adding, updating and trying to catch up with a long goal of being the most comprehensive release list available for this brand.

Want to buy something you see on this website?

If it is marked as "New" that item was found in stores this year so there is a chance you can find it in your local TJX store, but if not we do link to Amazon who has a consistent refresh of sellers of the same product. Look for the "$" for products that have purchasing links. We do not sell these items ourselves, but we do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to shop through those links.

Thank you for visiting!

All in all, whether you are one of our OG members who helped me build these lists from the bottom up or just someone who stopped by because they also wanted to know if their name was ever put on a mug (Was it? Check HERE if you're not sure) we appreciate you stopping by and wish you loads of HTF item in your local stores and an abundant collection that you can enjoy and display every single day. <3